Applications & Web Solutions

This is our bread and butter and what we love doing!

This can range from a simple website for your business to bespoke application development specific for your business processes. Whatever it is you need we will look at all the solutions and avenues you could take. Many solutions can be completed far more simply and cheaply than initially expected!

Solutions can include; Websites – that run from anywhere and any device, Windows Applications – which sit on your PC’s desktop, Excel macro’s – speed up those length Excel operations.

Our pricing is very transparent and we will always quote, so there are no unexpected surprises.

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Computer and Networking

Having computer problems? We can help!

In today’s day and age, with technology changing every day, you are bound to encounter an IT problem. No worries, we offer a range of solutions to support you, from Remote Support to onsite attendance.

We don’t stop at laptops and PC’s, we can help troubleshoot networking issues and other IT peripherals. For instance we can help you set a printer up so multiple PC’s can print to the 1 printer easily and with no wires!

Apple Repair Service

Since the dawn of smartphones there has been a need for repairs, with the average device costing £4-500 to replace and contracts lasting 2 years, repair is the only option.

We offer a range of repairs on most Apple devices, and our repair cost is guaranteed cheaper that Apple, and in most cases less that your mobile insurance excess charge.

Why not order a repair on-line now?