Facebook Launch

So, we have finally got around to announcing the new website to our Facebook user’s… we wanted to make sure everything was ready first!

On the first day of launching we have over 100 unique hits to our website, which is fantastic!

We are looking forward to awarding the lucky ‘liker’ on Facebook with a £10 discount voucher code to use in our online repair store.

Look forward to hearing from you all soon!


Online Repairs

We have now moved many of our repair services online!

Why not click the ‘repairs’ link on the menu and have a browse, you can still pay on collection and drop it off to us.

If you live far away or simply can’t be bothered to make the trip, we can now accept postal repairs and the best thing about this is, you can pay by credit/debit card.

Happy browsing!

New Website

We have just about finished creating our new fresh website, however we know a website isn’t really ever finished! You need to stay ahead of the game and constantly adapt and improve to beat competition.

Let us know what you think of our new website design by commenting on this post.

We look forward to hearing from you.