Who are we?

Read below for some insight into who we are, where we’ve been and what we do.

Steve Pearce
Steve PearceTechnical Director
Lisa Whitley
Lisa WhitleySales Director

So where do we begin? Back in 2008 seems like a good place.

In late 2008 BespokeXL was formed and registered with Companies House as a limited company. Why was BespokeXL formed? That was due to the Steve and Chris who, at the time were both directors with equal share in the company. Steve and Chris both worked together at McDonald’s… Yes the fast food chain. Both working there way up to Business managers within the company they saw a niche in the business sector. That niche was for a company who could offer bespoke solutions to any companies needs.

Initially BespokeXL focused on Microsoft Excel as their target platform (hence the XL), designing complex spreadsheets with built in macro’s and programming. These Excel applications offered an affordable solution to many businesses who wanted to achieve vast man hour savings, through automating spreadsheet tasks, to designing a flexible bespoke booking system. Check our portfolio to have a look at what we can do with boring old Excel.

In 2011 Lisa joined the team as the Sales Director and company secretary, through Lisa’s knowledge and experience bespokexl started to offer its very own repair service. Many of our clients desired for us to manage their IT systems, including repairs and maintenance, as well as of course their IT software. Now we offer a range of repairs on Apple devices, laptops and pc’s, as well as setting up and maintaining IT services for businesses.

Sadly due to Chris pursuing his own career path elsewhere, Chris resigned as a director in 2012 leaving Steve at the reigns. Over the course of the next 2 years, BespokeXL started to venture into the world of web technologies. The technologies varied from delivering off-the-shelf Content Management Systems (Joomla, WordPress) to designing bespokexl ASP.NET and HTML websites, which are database driven, delivering powerful results – fast.

BespokeXL have worked with various companies, most notably McDonald’s, through Chris and Steve’s connections various solutions have been developed, which are now used throughout the UK market on a daily basis. In late 2013 BespokeXL started to work with the Compass Group delivering a range of solutions for their clients.

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